About Keanne/


Meet your newest asset to your arsenal of badassery, your stylist!

Growing up in a small town tucked in the corner of Oahu's famous North Shore community, I've learned that absolutely anything is possible if you have heart. Being from Waialua, I had creative influence all over! After having a multitude of hobbies like music, photography, design, and hair (fun fact, I did my first haircut at 13!) I wanted to do it all. Being a stylist is the main path I chose, all while incorporating all the other artsy things I've learned over the years into my business.

I built up a clientele as KeanneHair is 2013, in a small 4 chair salon as an independent hairstylist. As a business owner with a full schedule, I couldn't

imagine sitting in a chair once a month for lengthy services! So I learned techniques that mirrored my client's busy lifestyles as well! Lived-in haircuts and colors were and still are my specialty, with longevity in mind to save us time. I learned so much during this time, but always knew I was meant for bigger things! In 2016 I gave birth to my baby boy, and longed even more for a bigger support system and team dynamic.


April 2017 I left my business and took a step back from behind the chair to learn more about our industry. I started at Cosmic Beauty as a salon coordinator, and trained to be an educator with multiple brands. Having broadened knowledge in our industry that most would never get to experience, I decided it was time to start taking clients again and was back behind the chair in November of 2018. 

I have met strong and amazing women from all walks of life. My passion is unlocking what makes my clients feel the most like themselves. Since the beginning of my career and even after my hiatus, I have had clients tell me the same thing over and over again. That I "just get them", all while having a down to earth and real approach. I love learning from my amazing clients and geeking out over what makes you, you!

I am your not-so-secret weapon to compliment your lifestyle and the vibe you wish to show the world. Use the booking link above and let's get this adventure started!